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Learn to Play for Less with Rented Golf Clubs 

So, you want to start playing golf but don’t want to invest in a full set of clubs yet. Renting golf clubs can be a great option for beginners who want to try the sport without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about renting golf clubs, from the pros and cons to how to get the most out of your rental set.

Why Rent Golf Clubs as a Beginner?

Here are some of the main benefits of renting clubs when you’re first starting with golf:

  • Cost savings – Buying a brand-new set of quality golf clubs can cost £1,000 or more. Renting clubs allows you to get on the course without spending a fortune upfront. Club rental fees are usually between £20-£50 per round. 
  • Try before you buy – By renting different sets of clubs, you can get a feel for what clubs suit your preferences and play style best before investing in your own set. Renting gives you the flexibility to experiment. 
  • Occasional players – If you only plan to golf occasionally for fun, renting clubs is likely a better choice than buying clubs that collect dust most of the time. Rentals are ideal for the casual golfer. 
  • Transport – Rented clubs from the course eliminate the hassle of transporting your clubs to and from the course. Many courses even include club rentals on their golf carts. 
  • Latest equipment – Rental sets are usually replaced every 1-2 years so that you can play with newer model clubs rather than outdated equipment. Rentals give you exposure to the latest tech.

What to Know Before Renting Golf Clubs? 

Here are some key tips to prepare for renting golf clubs:

  • Reserve in Advance – Call ahead to reserve a rental set, especially during popular tee times at busy courses. Don’t assume sets will be available without reserving. Ask about rental club policies. 
  • Know your measurements – Most facilities will ask for your height, dominant hand, and wrist-to-floor measurement to fit the clubs to your size. Measure at home beforehand. 
  • Grip – Ask if regripping is allowed or if tape is provided to adjust grip thickness. Getting the right size grip is key for control. 
  • Condition – Inspect clubs for excessive wear, checking grips, face grooves, and head security. Ask to swap out any concerning clubs before the round. 
  • Practice first – Take some warm-up swings and putts to get a feel for the rental clubs on the driving range before your round. Get used to them. 
  • Adjust expectations – Rental clubs may be older models with worn grips and dings. Don’t expect them to perform like properly fitted equipment. Focus on fun! 

What’s Typically Included in a Rental Golf Club Set?

A standard men’s rental set usually includes: 

  • Driver – A 460cc titanium driver with 10-12° loft on the clubface. 
  • Fairway wood – A 15-18° fairway wood, often 3-wood or 5-wood. 
  • Hybrid – A hybrid replacement for long irons, usually around 19-22° loft. 
  • Irons – A mix of cavity back 6-9 irons and pitching wedge. 
  • Putter – A basic putter, often an Anser style, with minimal alignment aids. 
  • Bag – A cart bag or carry bag with handy pockets and ample storage  

For women’s sets, clubs often have more flexibility, lighter shafts, higher lofts, and petite grips suited for slower swing speeds. Junior rental sets also come in varying club lengths and sizes.   

Choosing the Right Rental Golf Club Set 

Here are some factors to consider when selecting rental clubs: 

  • Gender – Men’s or women’s clubs based on your physique, strength, and height. Women’s clubs have lighter flex, higher loft. 
  • Skill level – Game improvement irons for beginners versus tour-style cavity backs for better players. Let the staff know your ability. 
  • Age – Senior flex shafts for older players who generate less clubhead speed versus regular flex for most adult players. 
  • Hand orientation – Right or left-handed clubs. Right-handed players swing from the left. Match your dominant hand. 
  • Course conditions – Certain conditions like firm fairways or deep rough may call for specific club adjustments like hybrids over long irons. Ask for input. 
  • Weather – Cold, wet weather may necessitate grips with less slippage. Rain gloves also help in wet conditions when renting clubs. 
  • Tees – Different tee colours based on your typical driving distance. Pick the right tee box.   

Getting Fitted  

Even for rental clubs, getting properly fitted is important for maximising performance and enjoying the round. Here are some fitting tips: 

  • Length – Standing upright with clubs, ensure a proper grip end length relative to wrist height. 
  • Lie angle – With feet together, the club should rest flat on the ground, not toe up or down. 
  • Flex – Match shaft flex to your swing speed to get desired shaft bending. X-flex for fast swings, L-flex for slow swings. 
  • Loft – Higher loft on woods and wedges can help slower swings get ideal launch conditions. Don’t go solely by a number on the club. 
  • Grip – Ensure the grip is sized appropriately for comfort and reduces hand fatigue. Regrip or add tape if necessary. 
  • Adjustability – Some rental drivers may have adjustable hosels to tweak face angle and loft. Ask about tweaking settings if desired. 

Even a few practice swings with various shaft flexes and club lofts can make a big difference in rental club performance compared to straight off-the-shelf sets. 

Maintaining Your Rental Clubs 

When renting clubs, you are responsible for caring for the equipment as your own. Here are some tips: 

  • Inspect thoroughly – Check for any damage before use and alert staff. You don’t want to be blamed for pre-existing dings. 
  • Keep dry – If grips get wet, thoroughly dry off iron and wood shafts before re-inserting them in the bag to prevent rusting. 
  • Clean grooves – Pitchforks and brush tees can pick up dirt and grass in clubfaces. Keep grooves clean for spin. 
  • Avoid club chatter – Refrain from tapping irons together as it can chip clubheads. Handle clubs with care. 
  • Head covers – Use head covers whenever carrying clubs to prevent clubface damage. Don’t force the wood into tight spaces. 
  • Don’t overswing – Aggressive, fast swings can damage shafts and clubheads unsuitable for high speeds. Maintain control. 
  • Report issues – Let staff know immediately if any damage occurs or clubs feel broken so they aren’t used by someone else unaware. 

With proper care, rental clubs can offer many rounds of enjoyable use. A little attention goes a long way. 

Golf Tips for Rental Club Beginners 

Here are some golf strategy tips to help beginners make the most of their rental club equipment: 

  • Prioritise fun over score – Don’t pressure yourself by carding every hole. Focus on enjoying the experience. 
  • Play shorter tees – Move up to forward tees to match your driving distance until you develop more club speed. 
  • Favour hybrids – Hybrids are easier to hit than long irons for most beginners. Replace hard-to-hit rentals with hybrids. 
  • Choke down on irons – Gripping down the shaft effectively shortens clubs to control distance and improve accuracy. 
  • Try woods off tees – Getting airborne with woods off a tee is easier when rentals may not have an optimal loft. Get a tee assist. 
  • Slow backswing – Faster swings with rental clubs risk poor contact. Focus on smooth tempo over raw speed. 
  • Play the best ball – Consider the best ball format in a group so the best shot is always played, taking pressure off individuals. 
  • Lessons help – Taking beginner lessons can establish proper form right from the start rather than developing bad habits. Worthwhile investment. 

The right mindset goes hand in hand with rental clubs to minimise frustration. Focus on fun first as you’re learning the game. 

Why You Should Eventually Get Fitted Clubs 

While renting golf clubs can be a great starting point, at some point, you will likely want to upgrade to your own fitted set. Here are some of the top reasons to get custom fit: 

  • Optimised launch, distance, accuracy. 
  • Improved shot consistency and ball striking. 
  • Enhanced comfort, control, and feel. 
  • Reduced risk of injury with proper sizing. 
  • Dialled in just for your swing tendencies. 
  • Better performance from quality components. 
  • Avoid developing swing flaws from ill-fit gear. 
  • Increased confidence and enjoyment, of course. 
  • Worthwhile long-term investment as skills improves.  

Getting professionally fit by a certified fitter using launch monitors and premium brand options like Titleist and Ping can seem costly upfront, but letting you play to your potential pays off in the long run.  

As skills improve, switch from “one-size-fits-most” rentals to clubs personalised just for you. Just get started with rentals first.  

Tee Up Golf’s Joy with Your Rental Clubs 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to some common questions about renting golf clubs: 

Q. How much do rentals cost?

A. Rental fees range from £20 – £50+ per round, depending on the course and quality of clubs. Some high-end courses may charge more for premium rentals.

Q. Can I reserve clubs in advance?

A. Calling the course pro shop ahead of time is recommended to ensure rental sets are available, especially for popular tee times. Walk-ins are riskier.

Q. Do rental rates change during peak times?

A. Some courses may charge slightly higher rental fees during weekends, holidays, and mornings when tee times are in high demand. Ask about peak pricing.

Q. Can I customise rental clubs?

A. Most rental sets are standardised, but you may be able to swap out certain clubs like hybrids instead of tough long irons based on availability. Ask about options to tweak sets.

Q. Can I use rental clubs for lessons?

A. Yes, rental clubs are fine for beginner lessons. Just explain it’s your first time, and the pro will understand why you’re using rentals.

Q. What amenities come with rentals?

A. Rental clubs usually come in a lightweight carry bag or cart bag with essentials like tees, balls, pitchforks, and sometimes golf gloves. Bags vary by course.

Q. How are rental clubs sanitised?

A. Reputable courses thoroughly sanitise all rental clubs before they are given out again. Grips and heads are cleaned with a disinfectant solution.

Q. Can I buy used rental clubs?

A. Some courses sell off used 1-2-year-old rental sets at the end of the season at steep discounts if you want to own clubs straight from the rental fleet.


Renting golf clubs is an affordable, convenient way to try golf as a beginner without a huge upfront investment in buying clubs. With the right rental set, tips, and perspective, you can have fun and develop skills before purchasing your personalised fitted set.

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