How to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs and Accessories


Golf clubs and accessories are investments that can last for years when properly cared for. Taking the time to clean, store, and maintain your gear will help optimise performance and extend longevity. This comprehensive guide will go over everything you need to know to take excellent care of your golf equipment. 

Cleaning Golf Clubs 

Regular cleaning is crucial for keeping your golf clubs looking pristine and hitting their peak. Here are some tips: 

Clean the Grooves 

  • Use a groove brush – Groove brushes have thin, stiff bristles perfect for digging dirt out of club grooves. Scrub across the face of the club to remove debris lodged inside. 
  • Try a groove scraper – Stubborn dirt and grass may require a specialised groove scraping tool. Gently scrape out compacted gunk. 
  • Use a towel – Following up with a cleaning towel helps remove remaining particles. Make sure no debris is left in the grooves. 

Wash the Club Head 

  • Use a club head scrubber – Specialised scrubbing pads help break up stuck-on dirt. Apply mild pressure while scrubbing. 
  • Try soap and water – Work a small amount of mild dish soap into a damp towel and wipe down the club head. Rinse with clean water. 
  • Spray with club cleaner – Club head cleaning sprays help remove grass stains and dirt. Spray liberally and wipe clean. 

Clean the Grip 

  • Use a grip brush – Stiff bristled grip brushes displace dirt and debris from the club’s grip. 
  • Try soap and water – For thorough cleaning, use a towel dampened with soapy water. Let the grip air dry completely. 
  • Use grip cleaner – Sprays designed for golf grips help restore a fresh, tacky feel and appearance. 

Rinse and Dry 

  • Rinse all parts – Once scrubbed, rinse with clean water to remove cleaning residue. 
  • Dry thoroughly – Wipe down all components with a soft, dry towel to prevent moisture damage. 

7 Tips for Storing Golf Clubs 

Proper storage preserves the quality and performance of your golf clubs. Follow these guidelines: 

Store Indoors 

Keep clubs indoors rather than in a hot garage or damp shed. Temperature and moisture extremes can damage clubs. 

Use a Golf Bag 

Store assembled clubs in a high-quality golf bag. Bags protect from dings, dust, and extreme temperatures. 

Hang Upright 

Hang golf bags vertically so club weight is not concentrated on the shaft or grip. Laying bags horizontally can cause damage. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Avoid direct sun exposure – UV rays degrade grips and club materials over time. Keep bags in a dark closet or use a club headcover. 

Control Temperature 

Keep clubs in moderate temperatures between 16-27°C. Excessive heat or cold affects club components. 

Control Humidity 

Store at 40-60% relative humidity. Too much moisture promotes club corrosion. Use dehumidifiers if needed. 

Use Headcovers 

Headcovers minimise dings and scratches during storage and transport. Replace worn covers regularly. 

Maintaining Golf Clubs in 7 Steps 

Consistent maintenance preserves optimum club function. Follow this regular regimen: 

Check Grips 

Inspect grips for wear or damage. Re-grip clubs when grips feel slick, stiff, or show heavy wear. 

Lubricate Shafts 

Apply shaft lubricant to maintain smooth swing motion and prevent oxidation corrosion. Do this 1-2 times per year. 

Check Loft and Lie 

Get clubs checked annually to ensure proper loft and lie angles. Adjustments may be needed over years of use. 

Assess Wear 

Look for groove wear – it may be time to replace very worn clubheads affecting spin and flight. 

Consider Replacement Batteries 

For clubs like laser rangefinders and GPS units, replace batteries regularly per manufacturer recommendations. Dead batteries ruin your round! 

Inspect and Replace Worn Parts 

Replace any severely worn or damaged parts like grips, clubheads, shaft sleeves, etc. Worn gear negatively affects play. 

Professional Service 

Most golf shops offer annual club servicing – take advantage of this to keep clubs optimised. 

Staying diligent with club maintenance ensures you get the most life and performance possible out of your equipment. 

Caring for Golf Bags 

Golf bags take a beating out on the course. Here are some care tips: 

Clean After Each Use 

Use a wet or damp towel to wipe away dirt, grass, and debris before storage. This prevents stains or abrasions. 

Wash Periodically 

Hand wash golf bags every few months using a mild detergent and a soft bristle brush. Allow to fully air dry. 

Treat Leather 

For leather golf bags, condition them regularly with a leather cleaner and conditioner to prevent drying and cracking. 

Patch Small Holes 

Professionally patch any small tears or holes that could expand over time. Don’t wait until it’s unfixable! 

Replace Broken Zippers 

Fix broken zippers as soon as possible. A golf shop can order custom replacement zippers matched to your bag. 

Reinforce Stress Points 

Reinforce thin areas prone to wear, like pocket openings, base corners, carry handles, etc. Preventative patching saves the bag! 

Replace Worn Strap Carabiners 

Swap out carabiners attaching the shoulder strap once they show significant wear and tear. 

With consistent care, a quality golf bag should last 5+ years. 

Cleaning Golf Accessories 

Golf accessories require specialised care tailored to their materials. Here are some tips: 

Clean Golf Shoes 

  • Remove debris with a stiff brush. 
  • Wash with warm, soapy water. 
  • Disinfect insoles regularly. 
  • Spot clean leather shoes. 
  • Machine wash soft, removable shoe covers. 

Clean Golf Gloves 

  • Hand wash using mild detergent. 
  • Air dry fully before storing. 
  • Use leather cleaner on leather gloves. 
  • Replace heavily soiled or worn gloves. 

Clean Golf Towels 

  • Machine wash microfibre towels. 
  • Avoid fabric softener. 
  • Air dry fully before use. 
  • Discard old towels with mildew odours. 

Clean Golf Tees 

  • Hand wash or use a wet towel to remove dirt. 
  • Air dry thoroughly after rinsing. 
  • Discard broken or severely abraded tees. 

Clean Rangefinders and GPS Devices 

  • Clean with a microfibre cloth. 
  • Avoid liquid cleaners. 
  • Use sight glass cleaner for lenses. 
  • Replace screen protectors as needed. 

Storing Golf Accessories 

Storing accessories correctly maintains quality over time: 

Store Shoes Properly 

  • Stuff shoes with paper or shoe trees to retain shape. 
  • Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 
  • Consider cedar shoe trees to absorb moisture. 

Store Gloves Flat 

  • Store gloves flat, not crumpled into a ball. 
  • Keep in a dark, dry area if possible. 
  • Consider placing them inside a resealable plastic bag. 

Dry Towels Thoroughly 

  • Ensure they are completely dry before folding and storing. 
  • Allow at least 24 hours drying time after washing. 
  • Avoid storing damp towels long-term. 

Store Tees Vertically 

  • Store tees vertically in a container to avoid warping. 
  • Group by tee height to easily identify sizes. 
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

Store Gadgets in Protective Case 

  • Keep rangefinders, GPS devices, etc., in a padded case. 
  • Check batteries before storage to prevent corrosion. 
  • Remove batteries for long-term storage. 

Following proper storage best practices extends the lifespan of your golf gear and saves you money in the long term.

Know When to Replace Accessories 

It’s important to know when it’s time to replace worn-out golf accessories: 

  • Replace golf shoes when the spikes are overly worn, the soles are cracked or damaged, or the uppers are ripped or separated. 
  • Replace golf gloves that are extremely worn, have holes or tears, or have lost their tacky grip. 
  • Replace towels that are ripped, fraying around the edges, or have permanent mildew odours. 
  • Replace tees that are badly warped, splintered, or broken. 
  • Replace gadget parts like batteries, protective screens or cases, lanyards, and clips when damaged. 
  • Don’t wait too long to swap out accessories – worn gear negatively impacts your game. 

Inspect your accessories regularly for wear and replace them proactively as needed. It’s a small investment that pays off in better performance. 


In conclusion, your golf clubs and accessories transcend mere tools; they represent investments in enhancing your golfing adventure. The longevity and performance of these assets can be significantly influenced by proper maintenance and care. By adhering to the advice provided in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your golf equipment continues to perform at its best for many years to come. 

It all begins with regular cleaning, addressing everything from the grooves of your clubs to the grips in your hands. Equally crucial is proper storage, which shields your clubs from extreme temperatures and moisture. Maintenance should seamlessly integrate into your golfing journey, encompassing tasks such as grip checks, shaft lubrication, and wear assessment. And let’s not overlook your golf bag and accessories—they too merit your attention and care. 

Incorporating consistent maintenance and knowing when to replace worn-out gear will enable you to optimise your golfing experience, savouring every swing on the fairway. So, keep your clubs gleaming, your bag resilient, and your game finely tuned. Happy golfing! And for golf club rental needs, be sure to visit Golf Hire Ireland. 

Golfers Also Ask 

How do you take care of golf clubs? 

  • Store them properly. 
  • Never put them away when wet. 
  • Use a golf towel. 
  • Use head covers on the woods. 
  • Clean the club heads between plays. 
  • Clean the grips. 
  • Regularly inspect the grips for wear and tear. 

How do you keep golf clubs new? 

We recommend giving a light spray of WD40 along the shaft every quarter and working it into the club shaft and head to ensure it has protection against corrosion. If you notice any corrosion while cleaning, use some steel wool and WD40 to remove the rust spots. 

How do I make my golf clubs shiny? 

To make your golf clubs shiny, you can finish the job with a coat or two of furniture wax.

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